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High Quality – Low Price Gifts

We scour the country to find high quality – low price gifts. We do our best to bring you the best value for your dollar! Our Gift Glasses contain quality items whose total retail price is up to $45 per jar* …definitely worth the $24.99 you pay.

Thoughtful Gifts

We take great pains to think up ideas and gifts that everyone can appreciate. Our jars are filled with items that have been carefully thought out to not only match the “event,” but also be universally liked by all. In some cases, we even include two items to make sure we have covered our bases, like including both a crown and a tiara in our “Birthday In A Jar” Gift Glass.

High Quality-Low Price


Since we use no fillers in any of our jars, there is nothing to throw out – every item, inside and out, is a useful gift! Even the twine we use to wrap around the lid is natural jute twine, and our “tags” are drink coasters that you can use again and again. (The only thing not reusable is our safety seal, but we did not want to compromise on safety, so we hope you will forgive us for that.

Wide Variety

We offer custom designed Gift Glasses for virtually every holiday, every life event, and everyone on your gift list. Dads, grads, teachers, golfers. New Year’s, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah. Birthdays, weddings, baby showers, quinceaneras, bar and bat mitzvahs. Plus many, many more… we’ve got all your gifting needs covered!

Eco-Friendly Gifts

Poem, Thought, Fun Facts, or Story

A poem, wise thought, some fun facts, or a story, each of which relates to the theme of your Gift Glass, is also included with each jar. Printed on high quality coasters, you can keep them to remember the occasion for many years to come!

Drink Recipe

Each Gift Glass comes with a drink recipe tailored to fit your jar and customized to the theme of your gift. The drink chosen is either named in honor of the sentiment of your Gift Glass, or has a color that somehow relates… for example, the “Baby Shower In A Jar” for girls comes with a pink colored drink, while the one for boys has a blue colored drink, and the neutral colored jar has a green colored drink!
Even Our Tags Are Gifts – Coasters – Collect the Entire Set!
Every Gift Glass comes with 2 tags that are actual drink coasters! We really give you more for your money! Instead of hanging useless tags that will get thrown out the moment the gift is opened, we went the extra mile by making our tags out of reusable drink coasters! Each Gift Glass comes with one coaster in the design of our company logo (soon to be a “collector’s item”… we hope!) and a second coaster with a drink recipe on one side and a story/factoid/etc. specific to your Gift Glass on the other side. Collect the whole series!!

Birthday Gifts


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GOING OUT OF BUSINESS! Due to medical issues, we must sell off all our inventory! Contact us to buy our stock at wholesale prices!

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