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DIY stands for “Do it yourself.” Do it yourself projects are everywhere; Pinterest, Instagram, Google and more! They make it look simple, fun, and easy enough for anyone to do, but… The problem is that they never tell you it can take hours of your time to drive around town buying dozens of items or components you need to assemble the gift. Who’s got time for that??? Most of us are too busy with work, school, laundry, soccer practice, and everything else! And half the time, you spend extra money because the packages you buy contain more than you need. This is where Events In A Jar steps in and solves the problem for you. We not only do it for you, but we also customize your Gift Gläss to your event or occasion. We even use safety seals, ensuring our quality, and giving your gift that polished look your recipient deserves! Events In A Jar makes the most unique and fun gifts for any occasion.

What is DFY

DFY stands for “Done For You.” This is my new favorite acronym, and after you receive your first Gift Gläss, it will be yours too! We take care of the difficult, time-consuming, and often tedious task of finding the perfect gift. Our “Events In A Jar” come with so many fun items that it can put a smile on the face of even the most difficult person on your list. And, each Gift Gläss is crafted with you and your loved ones in mind. They make the perfect birthday gift, Valentine’s gift, or everyday gift for all your loved ones.

Save Time and Stress

“Events In A Jar” created a Gift Gläss for every occasion… so you don’t have to be stressed. Not sure what to get your loved one? We have it all figured out for you. We offer the perfect gift for any occasion – a Gift Gläss. No more running around to dozens of stores or spending a fortune on a bunch of items. We save you all that effort and stress. All you have to worry about is what you will do with all the free time and peace of mind we can provide! Your family and friends will love their Gift Gläss and all the mini gifts that come inside. Our team of professionals has found hundreds of different gifts and we have designed so many assembled creations that there isn’t a holiday or occasion left ungifted. Contact us today to order your Gift Gläss!



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GOING OUT OF BUSINESS! Due to medical issues, we must sell off all our inventory! Contact us to buy our stock at wholesale prices!

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