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The Story Behind Events In A Jar”

…and Offering Affordable Gifts.


It all started one February evening, over margaritas at a Mexican restaurant, somewhere between the chips and guacamole and the main course. I had the idea for our product. My husband came up with the name………..


We are a small start-up company that grew out of our own need to buy nice gifts at a low price.  Being teachers for decades, we could not afford to spend lots of money on gift baskets or buy large presents, but we couldn’t find anything on the market that was both substantial and low cost.  So, we made a few Gift Glässes… our friends and family loved them and wanted more, so here we are!

Please help us become yet another American dream!



About Us

Eco-Friendly Gifts & Giving to Charity


We Support Charities for Children


Being teachers was not just an accident for us.  We love kids!  We also have twin toddlers! And… our hearts melt whenever we see children suffering. Please donate to whatever children’s charities you like… We do! We buy from suppliers that give back 5% of every purchase to the charity we choose… and we always choose a children’s charity.  We will also contribute almost 15% of our profits directly to a children’s charity.  If you can donate to a charity yourself, please do so. Even if it’s just a buck!  You don’t have to buy our products, but please try to be charitable in any way you can, every day you can!


Eco-Friendly Gifts


We are not what you would call “tree huggers,” but we really care about the environment, so we have made our products eco-friendly. Every part of our Gift Gläss is directly useable and/or re-usable, with nothing at all to throw away! No fillers, no tissue, no fluff, no crinkle paper. The tags are drink coasters so that they don’t get thrown away; we use glass jars that are both reusable and recyclable, and the only gift “box” we use is a velvet bag so that it can also be reused. As the saying goes… “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.”

Thanks for reading!




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GOING OUT OF BUSINESS! Due to medical issues, we must sell off all our inventory! Contact us to buy our stock at wholesale prices!

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