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Save Time - Save Money

Save Time!

The perfect Gift is here!

Sure, you could “do it yourself”… but who has got the time??? By letting us get it “Done For You” (DFY), you can save yourself hours of time spent running around from store to store to collect all the different things you would need to put together your own gift. We take care of all that for you, and we save you time and money in the process!

Looking for a simple way to congratulate a friend for their new baby? Send the “Baby Shower In A Jar” Gift Glass ™. How about an appreciation gift for your child’s teacher? We have a “Teacher Appreciation In A Jar” Gift Glass. Or maybe your neighbor’s kid is going off to college, and you want to wish them well? You guessed it… the “Back-To-School In A Jar” Gift Glass, which comes in both a K-8 version and a gr.9-12 version (plus an off-to-college version!)

Save Money!

Best of all, a Gift Glass is an affordable way to satisfy even the pickiest of friends and family. Let’s face it… when buying a gift, who wants to spend over $100 on a basket of pretzels, or a flower arrangement, or fruit on a stick? Our Gift Glasses sell for only $24.99 and contain a variety of great items, making them a great value! Imagine how happy your coworker will be when they find our “Birthday In A Jar” sitting on their desk! What a great gift! Have clients that you’re trying to impress during a Wednesday morning golf game? Bring along a “Golf In A Jar” for them. Order your today!



Even Our Tags Are Gifts – Coasters!

Collect the Entire Set!

We give you more for your money! Every Gift Glass comes with two tags that are actual drink coasters! Instead of hanging useless tags that will get thrown out the moment the gift is opened, we went the extra mile by making our tags out of reusable drink coasters! Each Gift Glass comes with one coaster in the design of our company logo (soon to be a collector’s item… we hope!) and the second coaster with a drink recipe on one side and a story/factoid/, etc. specific to your Gift Glass on the other side. Collect the whole series!!

Each Gift Glass comes with a drink recipe designed to fit your jar and customized to the theme of your gift. The recipe chosen is either named in honor of the sentiment of your Gift Glass, or has a similar color scheme. For example, the “Baby Shower In A Jar” for girls comes with a pink colored drink, while the one for boys has a blue colored drink, and the neutral colored jar has a green colored drink!

Kid's Charity / Eco-Friendly

Support Children’s Charities

We will donate almost 15% of all profits to a children’s charity.  Plus, we even purchase from distributors that donate a portion of our purchases as well!  We have seen too many children suffering, and our profits are worthless when our hearts break on a daily basis.  Even if you don’t buy from us, please donate to the charity of your choice… even a buck helps!

Eco-Friendly Gifts!

We went the extra mile to help the environment as much as we could! There is nothing to throw away… We include the lids and a recipe so the jar can be used again and again instead of being thrown out like traditional gift boxes. Even our tags are reusable drink coasters… again, nothing to throw away!

Our glass jars are easily recycled, and even the twine we use is a natural fiber – jute twine. Plus, we do not use fillers like tissue paper and crinkle paper in any of our jars. We just pack them full of gifts! We are even working on getting better packaging so that even our shipping will have minimal impact on the environment. Order yours today, and put a smile on someone’s face!

Thoughtful Gifts

Thoughtful Gifts

Each Gift Glass ™ is made up of a variety of several smaller gifts, all related to the one event you are shopping for. These gifts are carefully chosen by our team and packed into a mason jar – thus what we call an Event In A Jar ™.

For example, when you order our “Golf In A Jar” Gift Glass, your jar comes filled with golf balls, tees, golf pencils, ball markers, a ball caddy, divot tool, hat, a golf towel, etc. Multiple, great gift ideas, all put together into one reusable container – a mason jar. Just browse through our website and choose from one of our dozens of Gift Glasses.

Our “Events In A Jar” Gift Glass ™ is the ideal way to put a smile on anyone’s face. Click here or go to our “Shop” tab above to begin your online order right now. Quickly, safely, and securely!

The Perfect Gift

Not just friends, neighbors, and coworkers at the office!

Find the perfect gift for everyone in your FAMILY:

♦mom   ♦dad   ♦brother   ♦sister

♦grandmother   ♦grandfather   ♦godparents

♦aunts   ♦uncles   ♦cousins

even your four-legged family members like

dogs and cats!

You name it – we’ve got it! Need something else? Choose our customizable Gift Glass ™ and pick items, or upgrade to a luxury version with no limit!


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